Tuesday, March 15, 2011

give a little...

matt shamah in light of the recent natural disasters in japan.. feel free to exercise your philanthropic side.. even if its only a couple bucks.. shit we could all use one less happy meal. but i know lots of us have loved ones who have been directly or indirectly affected by this stuff.. so lets give a lil back to the ppl who have given us all so much . thanks.. matt.




Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Eric D.
Palo Alto, CA
My specific experience with this shop was with locally renowned biomechanical tattoo afficianado, Ron Earhart. He wears his dirty blonde hair long with a trimmed stubbly beard. I came in wanting a biomechanical sleeve from my neck to hand. I came in and told him that I wanted him to do something progressive (for him), challenging to him as an artist and something that would be different from the carbon copies of biomechanical pieces he does on the neverending stream of the 22-38 year old Caucasian male demographic that seem to be paying his rent pretty consistently. I specifically told him that I did not want such a hard outline and I wanted him to something more 3 dimensional than his typical pieces. He basically told me all my ideas were dated and that "once you're on my train, you just get off where I decide to take you." Consequently, I found him to be incredibly condescending, arrogant and rude. But, upon further contact with him and the shop staff, I found out that he was also unethical, lacked professional integrity and was committing fraud by quoting/charging me $200 per hour when his shop rate is $175 per hour. Unfortunately, his talent and experience is overshadowed by his unethical and greedy business practices which IMO inevitably stem from the fact that he is burnt out and lazy as a tattoo artist. (Keep in mind that $150/hour is standard across the entire country for average to very good tattoo artists.) I found out that he upcharged me because my friend called a week later to request Ron's hourly quote and she (Jessica) immediately quoted $175/hour. Keep in mind my sleeve was going to take an estimated 40 hours and he unethically decided to stuff his pockets with an extra $1000 when I was willing to invest $8000 plus a sizeable tip in a economic recession. I guess Ron missed out on being the frontman for Puddle of Mudd so he has to live that rockstar lifestyle by padding his hourly rate on clients that challenge his lazy ass to do something that doesn't look like it was scanned and copied from the last client...Steer clear of this fraud and get a tattoo that looks original from a tattoo artist that actually loves getting dressed up in the late morning to go to work everyday and tattoo beautiful, original, outlineless body art for the same price that everyone else gets quoted in the same shop! Hey Ron! Get a clue and upcharge the clients that come in wanting 45 minute tattoos that read "408 FOR LIFE" or a 'cupcake' the size of your palm, not the clients that come in willing to invest the cost of a nice used car on one body part. For what its worth, I wouldn't feel comfortable getting a tattoo from anyone in this shop when they obviously are aware of and condone Ron Earhart's unethical behavior. Its no wonder why he is missing a tooth on the right side of his upper mouth. Buyer beware.