Monday, June 14, 2010


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For those of you who know.... Little if any explanation will be needed... However, for those of you who don't.. his powerful and resinating images have graced the flesh of many serious tattoo collectors over the years.. and with undying grace he examines the dark, the light, and the grey areas of both humanity and god.. with the candor of a simple brilliant thought he can and will embrace your life with an everlasting symbol of power. a master of thought, teacher of life, and an all around good gentlemen.
he is a man that you want a tattoo from ...
so.. keep that in mind when i tell you .. he will be in san jose form the 25th of this month thru the 27th... a short window..
so please if you are interested.. ... email me at ... with your contact information ... and ill be back to you shortly for scheduling..

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