Tuesday, June 1, 2010


friend, steadfast and true.
follow me thru the wind. this way and that.
follow me to the soft green ground we call home.
embrace this supple breeze we call fate... and see me thru.
but please... fall with me.. and endear my favor.
fear not this calloused charm. for it is just that which offers you protection in is own reflection.
set me free... and free you shall be in your own rite.......
free me from the strained roots of gravity, that i will never see you fall to. and thus....
as you will never slip in my favor..
for it is my duty to prevent this..
i too will watch your leaves wither in the ground and make dust.
dust witch finds its way to the bosom of beauty and embellishes the flagrant dismay of humanity.
this horrible tragedy. so pure and true... its calling so quaint and soft...
will never happen. ...as i can not watch you fall. but wither.

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