Saturday, October 16, 2010

wolf and cub

blood pouring from calloused hands
breaths ease in apathy .
not for lost chains nor bane
nor wretched stench of slain foes bruised and battered. ominous dark mist rises into the light of the moon as this wolf licks his broken cloven paws.. a beast of the night curling up in calm .

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


working on some new shit... .. i hope you guys like how they come out.. they are hitting hard as fuck so i guess thats a good thing..
thanks for all you fucker who are sitting around waiting on my ass... sorry for lagging so hard.. but i really am almost done.. for those who have already paid.. they are on their way ..
for those who have not.. all orders from this point will be made thru the analog website.. but we are not taking orders yet.. so just keep yer eyes peeled for when they are ready ..
ok fuckin im off to sleep . hope you all had a gread day ..
eat shit..

Monday, August 2, 2010


Analog Tattoo has come to a cross roads. Rare as it may be, we are actually in the market for a new floor manager. the basics are as such; 2 days a week, wednesday and thursday, for an 8 hour shift from noon till 8pm. Punctuality is a must, as is a responsible and intelligent nature. Furthermore, basic reception and porter duties are required.
if you think you have what it takes, or would simply like to be a part of what we do.. please email a resume, head shot, and letter to:

warmest regards.

Monday, July 5, 2010


.devouring grace..
the end of the simple pure life we calm..
is creeping in the shadows of purity..
yet darkness agrees..
with the end complete..
the faithful fall victim to fallacies far and between..
and with purity purged..
and legacy forged..
the faceless plead dark feared deceit..
in an endless abyss..
black minds of mist..
smash the chains binding..
and set forth on bronze rails of fate..
drowning in blood ravaged rage..
the end completes..

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


bliss were the days.
the ones that lasted not but. .
until the crying sun broke silence.
rapture caressed.
by bloody tongues.
rotten. and hungry.
longing for the grace of the son of man.
the foul flesh of its own. ..
and yet still.
through its motions.
fig blossoms.
ripen. and rotten . at the same time
brutally betraying the balance.
the reality which held us whole was no more.
with violent intolerance.
the kind.
the kind which.
eats souls whole.
and is eaten alike.
labors to find sleep.
in its tireless effort to conform the chaos of passion. .
even drowning.
exhausted solace.
could never replace the northern most wind.
that which blows true to eternity.
and so. the rotten roots of the seemingly stable trees.
which ravage our every effort to be free . . .
and blast apocalypse.
and we move.
on. and also into eternity.
ever restless.
to these feeble phallic fantasies of
ferocious fuck facedness.
and fall.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


a cool southern breeze.
a break in the clouds .
a familiar friend rests its head upon the weary shoulders of man.
lonely as its empty backdrop.
an eight stared eternity.
an unassuming blissful balantine.
watching sluts work their weary mana magic.
irrelevant conformation conceding a grace unknown.
an eye blind to the infinite voyeur.
and so.
and forth.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Originally uploaded by mirologue
For those of you who know.... Little if any explanation will be needed... However, for those of you who don't.. his powerful and resinating images have graced the flesh of many serious tattoo collectors over the years.. and with undying grace he examines the dark, the light, and the grey areas of both humanity and god.. with the candor of a simple brilliant thought he can and will embrace your life with an everlasting symbol of power. a master of thought, teacher of life, and an all around good gentlemen.
he is a man that you want a tattoo from ...
so.. keep that in mind when i tell you .. he will be in san jose form the 25th of this month thru the 27th... a short window..
so please if you are interested.. ... email me at ... with your contact information ... and ill be back to you shortly for scheduling..

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


friend, steadfast and true.
follow me thru the wind. this way and that.
follow me to the soft green ground we call home.
embrace this supple breeze we call fate... and see me thru.
but please... fall with me.. and endear my favor.
fear not this calloused charm. for it is just that which offers you protection in is own reflection.
set me free... and free you shall be in your own rite.......
free me from the strained roots of gravity, that i will never see you fall to. and thus....
as you will never slip in my favor..
for it is my duty to prevent this..
i too will watch your leaves wither in the ground and make dust.
dust witch finds its way to the bosom of beauty and embellishes the flagrant dismay of humanity.
this horrible tragedy. so pure and true... its calling so quaint and soft...
will never happen. i can not watch you fall. but wither.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


... once again the carnivorous demon is beginning to surge; the kingdom is swelling; and like a profound fetus, the blood brothers have each another weaved and tangled in my vitals. i must retreat . time is no longer mine to dwindle. its quandary quite remarkable. ..... should i be in time... the road is neither glory and recognition. ... nor comfort... nor pleasant gargled garbage small talk bull shit- but to transcend as much ash as i am blessed, into tears of soul storming blackness, tears of ash twist in the breeze. .

Monday, April 26, 2010


just sayin. we is workin on it.. so ....

Monday, April 19, 2010


and in the end..the world crumbled.
it was sad tho .
watching as the ashes fell slowly through the fragile air.
and it was a stale air..
a dead air... grey and calloused as a sour shepards grin..
a siren called, razor sharp, and it cut just so ...
the air thinned and the moments slowed even more.. .
and that shepherd walked a stone plank...
looking out at her..she was whole.
she was the lonely god of betrayal .
succulent and luscious ..
brimming with a fever that cried its own fire viciously out of every pore in her beautiful face....
she spoke a soft mirologue.
forget me not..
ill come to you again she cried.if you see me, call my name..
oh lord..
fall with me this time..
fall to the endless black gorges of the unforgiving ocean.
and prey that this foul passion is not yet dead..
prey that there is a home for your filth.
and prey ..that there is love in fact..
but there is none.

Sunday, April 4, 2010



another in progress part of Dry Thumbz hell tattoo.



here is detail shot of part of a full leg hell tattoo that im workin on..
thanks Dry Thumb for sitting so well all the time. you rule..



Obi had Joel Long do a lil geisha on his arm when he was out here guesting a while back.. finally finished up the rest of his arm.. and i figured if i wanted it to match i better draw it on like joel did his part.. so here is a lil blurry close up of part of it.. enjoi.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Get the flash player here:

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Long days of werk in japan. blood werk signing at the shibuya tower wreckordz ..... Then hangin the show at the last gallery in ebisu.... Now finnally chopping it up in asakusa w some doods who know some doods about golf. Not to meantion the infamous shamisen bar ... Good times All around..... Cheers atatttt walker. I miss my girl. Hearts..

Location:1丁目,Taitō Ward,Japan

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


how the hell do you go sight seeing in the eastern mountains of kyoto when it 28 fucking degrees out??? slacks!!!!!!!!! WTF!!! THX GODZ FER HEAT PAKZ FROM 7-11

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


so far over breakfast on this trip my sketch book has met-
15 roses.
7 birds.
5 dragons.
4 octopus.
3 tigers
2 shi shi.
2 phoenix.
2 zombie.
2 fudo myoo.
2 geisha.
2 carp.
2 panthers.
1 kirin.
1 spider.
1 frog.
1 peoney.
plus some skulls and script....
i never knew how fun breakfast was...


by the way .. id like to go ahead and thank the TTT doodz and damez for being such gracious hosts this time.. and thanks for letting me borrow all their tattoo stuff.. it really made traveling light easy this time.. normally pretty good at that .. but this time in particular i had lots of odds and ends to attend to . basically brought some underwear and a sketchbook...
... so thanks so much guys.. you fuckin still rule after all these years.. dont ever stop..
for those of you who dont know.. if you are ever in japan.. you gotta check out this shop... its really quite top notch.


Originally uploaded by mirologue
thats right bichez, im blastin whisky from a can .. never mind the hijinx. or the near freezing temperatures... or my chonies.... but .... really ...
what better way to start the vacation part of my vacation, than to enjoy a proper high ball.... .. not to mention that after i chugged this i proceeded to walk out side.. light a match ... and near burned off my mouth before i realized i had not yet put a cig in my mouth... anihow... ... so it goes... so it goes.....

Saturday, January 9, 2010


so i guess its time.. once again put off packing.. didnt sleep the night before. got to the airport way too early thanks to uncle tom. and fortunately got bumped up to business class thanks to the lovely lady at the united ticket counter.. .. at any rate.. didnt sleep much on the plane.. although it seemed the crew got enough for everyone on the plane anyhow. cheers fuckers!... hello to the booze tray and welcome to japan..
and then, as we landed.. the view was spectacular.. cutting through the dawn of a storm as the calming sun stained the landscape shades of gold and grey. there was a strange moment where there was a flawless transition.. from sea to rolling mountain which looked to drip up to the rain and then seamlessly cut to an angelic serene cloudscape which was a nice final contrast to the rest of the blue sky above.. .. pretty nice.. .. but what was even nicer was knowing that id soon be on familiar soil which often feels more like home than any other that i have known.
now.. being near first off the plane is always nice.. and being first in line at the customs counter is even nicer... but the best part of getting out of the airport was the pleasant surprise of my lu who was waiting for me.. i had told everyone not to pick me up at the airport and that i would meet up with them in the city .. but as it happens.. my lady was there anihow. .. so that made the ride into the city a bit nicer..
once in osaka lu headed back to work and i headed straight over to see the three tides doods and check my appointments for the week, which to my delight were exactly how i asked them to be.. light . and fun... so yeah.. moving on... sleep deprived and blessed with the natural high of delirium, i moseyed over to jojo and grabbed some black ..... which was nice and kept me going till what was perhaps the best dinner i have had in well over a year...... lulus family took me to a small and really quite brilliant sushi restaurant that they have been patronizing for the last 25 years... its out in sakai which is a suburb of osaka and is an edo period styled sushi joint.. a very simple place.. but clean and nice as can be... its decor was complimentary to the food in more ways that one.... the place was silent.. and the chef was stoic. and the vibe was a refreshing contrast to the madness that city life in japan can be.. i wont get too much into the food... as i fear i would not do it much justice with words.. . .. ill just say it was either the best or second best sushi i have ever had.. lots of obscure fish that may as well have been alive.. served one at a time in peices that were tiny and decadent. and every few min.. the chefs apprentice would bring out hor dourves such as chawammushi and soups and other nice lil treats which nicely broke up the dinner.... all in all it was a fantastic end to a day that was otherwise riddled with discomfort and delirium..... ill try to get some flix up .. but i guess i forgot my camera chord.. so ill borrow one tomorrow and hopfully get some fresh flix fer yer iez... cheers....
m ...