Friday, May 22, 2009

Festival Summer Motherfuckers!

And so it is. Flash forward from finicky spring and let us all fade quietly into the sweltering bowels of summer. Im beginning to realizing ive been in one place far longer than any natural order ever intended. geographically and emotionally stagnant im hearing the call of the world.
It is once again time to pick up my slowly growing apathy and set forth in search of the wondrous secrets and adventure which life holds so dear.. Its time to go home. To the place i was force fed mule hair silence from the underbelly of the dark prince perspective. Reacquaint myself with myself,  get a bit of peace and quiet, and slowly remind myself how big the world really is. Long summer nights await. Filled with peach trees, wine, paper memories and jovial mischief.  I welcome the festivals of summer in all of their obscure and tantalizing glory. 
Hisashiburi my fair maiden land..Whats that? groundhogs you say? Nonsence!!. . My lust for the outside world grows thirsty as ever. Seeds, dirt, and water alike. Pack your bags babe. Its time to get truckn. Here are a few of next years ambitions. Comical as they may be..
and ill get back to you on this years. See you soon friends.
Its nice to be coming home finally. Its been far too long.
no homo. lol .