Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So yeah.. any how.. after i got back from japan . i went home. unpacked.. repacked. then took a nap.
woke up . went back to the airport and headed straight to seattle.. matt lentz and my good buddy aaron mason picked me up and the good times commenced. matt and his wife D were gracious enough to put aaron and i up.. and perhaps put up with us as well. between the booze, party tatts, nonsensical ramblings, and immature shenanigans i love to flirt with on the regular, im sure it was no easy task for them.. however.. they showed thier true hospitable nature with out a flaw. over all the weekend was quite fun.. got to do some fun tattoos and spend time with some great old friends.
jeff houston, danny dringenberg, and i got to spend lots of time together between the tattoo show, the shop, and the ever so lovely five points bar (which by the way, happens to be my new favorite place in seattle). so that was nice.. it was like an old classic tattoo reunion as we were all old friends from the very beginning of my tattooing career.. of which you can find some quick anecdotes about in the next TAM mag if you happen to pick it up and not just look at the pictures... which im sure hardly anyone ever does .. but thats not the point i suppose.. at any rate.. it was a great weekend... so here are a couple photos .. enjoi.

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