Monday, August 24, 2009


so yeah . sorry for the late update.. it was a great trip . osaka. toyohashi. yokohama. tokyo. nagoya. sakai. and countless desert battles later.. i managed to find my way home. the trip was just what the dr. ordered, and the timing could not have been better. tho i cant say the same for the weather.. . great folks. great family. and great food.. tattooing was good and it was great to spend some time and chill with all those that i dont get to see often enough... highlights were chillin with horikoi and horiyasu. red and shinsan.. and hell we even made it to shige's place and back to chill out with horigyn and the doods from daze.. .. and thats not even mentioning my time in kansai or the engagement which i talked about in an earlier blog.. all and all . it was a long and hot month.. that was filled with fantastic times... . truly livin the fuckn dream.. thanks to everyone who made the trip so wonderful.. hope to see you all again soon ..... ill put up more flix too later.. but for now im fukn beat.. ima go get my hoff off..
party hard kids..
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