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Monday, October 12, 2009

snake tatz

snake tatz
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straight outta flint.. what a fun tattoo to do..

Thursday, October 8, 2009


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so yeah.. this is what the new shirts i did will look like.. intended release date will be at our 2ed anniversary party this OCT 29th. also you will be able to order them online at our website..
hope you like them... leave some comments.. and let me know what you think.. .. and also .. feel free to let me know what you would like to see in the future as far as shirts go... i know you all are gonna say .. hey matt.. we just want to see you without a shirt... but thats not what im talking about.... so be serious for once guys!...

Monday, October 5, 2009


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golf whip
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chris shin took this photo of me today while we were golfing at los lagos with jim.. i didnt know i could bend clubs with my back swing.. . now thats what i call retard strength... good times..

Monday, September 14, 2009


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blood residue from my bib .
i found this image interesting...
so i thought i would share it.


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cesar is one dark ass mother fucker.. but a seriously stand up dood with great taste in tattoos.. always fun to work with him... good times..

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So yeah.. any how.. after i got back from japan . i went home. unpacked.. repacked. then took a nap.
woke up . went back to the airport and headed straight to seattle.. matt lentz and my good buddy aaron mason picked me up and the good times commenced. matt and his wife D were gracious enough to put aaron and i up.. and perhaps put up with us as well. between the booze, party tatts, nonsensical ramblings, and immature shenanigans i love to flirt with on the regular, im sure it was no easy task for them.. however.. they showed thier true hospitable nature with out a flaw. over all the weekend was quite fun.. got to do some fun tattoos and spend time with some great old friends.
jeff houston, danny dringenberg, and i got to spend lots of time together between the tattoo show, the shop, and the ever so lovely five points bar (which by the way, happens to be my new favorite place in seattle). so that was nice.. it was like an old classic tattoo reunion as we were all old friends from the very beginning of my tattooing career.. of which you can find some quick anecdotes about in the next TAM mag if you happen to pick it up and not just look at the pictures... which im sure hardly anyone ever does .. but thats not the point i suppose.. at any rate.. it was a great weekend... so here are a couple photos .. enjoi.

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


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yeah sorry forgot to post this in the previous blog..


1. Your full given name?
-Matt Shamah: Matthew Robert Zachray Shamah
2. How long have you been tattooing?
-Since I was fourteen years old…or nine, depending on how you look at it… I stabbed my dad in the leg when I was nine years old though with a knife that had paint on it. It left a mark. So if you count that I’ve been tattooing since I was nine years old.
3. Did you apprentice (by whom) or start on your own?
-I kinda did both.. I started on my own.. but then later I was an apprentice.. But then, Maybe we are all apprentices all the time. Forever. Na mean dog? Its not like we are ever going to stop learning right? We have many teachers…some more important that others .. but still, many teachers… Jeff Houston was the main tattoo teacher.. kinda like my mom dad and brother all at the same time. I owe him a lot. I hope I can repay him some day.
5. Where are you working now, or in the new future?
Well. At the moment, I am currently working at Analog Tattoo in San Jose. I work at home a lot too. Sometimes I also work at the workshop. Other times I work in places such as casinos or sports books. But in that instance I am mostly working suckers who know less than I do about any given subject worth betting money on. On occasion I work in the depths of this feeble mind bestowed on me by the heavenly father, and that is quite a treat. Not like nachos, but you know what I mean. Perhaps.

6. Do you have any other hobbies besides making tattoos?
-Heck yeah! I like to sing and dance a bit…or perhaps cut rugs if you will. I enjoy long walks on the beach at sunset or sunrise but not too many times in between. I enjoy smashing knives into peoples’ faces. I also enjoy small fields of fresh roses, and snow capped mountains on frigid yet brisk days in January. I enjoy manipulating metal into hungry blood hounds and losing myself in professional ice hockey with passion and loyalty to the Los Angeles Kings. Movies and books are a luxury which border on necessity as losing myself in the brilliant thoughts of others seems to be quite a fantastic way to enjoy down time. I also love flying kites through fields of beating blood, and casting fake spells on those who I would love to entertain. Is that enough? Or should I continue? Do you really need more?
7. Do you feel like your designs are innovative? Be honest please.
-Alright. All honesty here. I do feel like they are to some extent. However, I don’t think that they are in the sense that they are exclusively innovative, but I do think that they are in the sense that they elaborated on some things that guys like Ed Hardy and Daniel Higgs did long before me, and in a way took these things in a different direction that happened to catch fire with some parts of the tattoo community. I think that they are innovative basically only in the sense that they seemed to change the way young tattooers approached and looked at traditional American tattoos. And before you knew it, kids were calling these tattoos traditional, when in fact they were not really that at all. They were or are a modified version of traditional. Does that make sense at all? Let me know cuz I’m not sure if I articulated that properly. Perhaps I should ask Adrian for some big word reference.
8. What is your favorite tattoo on yourself?
-Probably the one Colin did right before he puked on his own stomach.
9. Did you know you’re a sexy beast from day one or after you learned to grow facial hair?
-You know Daniel, when I was 5 years old, I urinated on the back of my baby sitters head and shoulders while she was playing dungeons and dragons in my back yard. As she turned around, we shared a special moment, fleeting as it was. Perhaps it was the sparkle in her eye that gave it away but nevertheless, It was then, in that instant that I knew. It was then, long before either my genitals or heart breaker was garnished with soft and yet stern grizzly bitch ticklers. Long before the hair, I knew. Oh I knew…
10. What do your parents do?
-They are Bob and Dottie, and they are both teachers. They were teachers of English, literature, poetry, history, philosophy, humanities, and perhaps most importantly, teachers of the family of man.
11. Was it an issue when you first started getting tattoos or were they cool about it?
It was a bit of an issue. My father was bleeding profusely from his calf and my mother was quite simply in shock. I was laughing and trotting in circles and he swung his axe at my head viciously. In hindsight, I do believe that we are all glad that I was the one with the shotgun wizard stick that day. The mystical white rhino was not on my father’s side. I rode him to oblivion and back before being towed to Venus via gold stranded rope leash of my intergalactic narwhale Leason. Upon return everyone realized I was happy and supporting myself in a relatively drug free life style. Then they were happy, and we all broke bread.
12. Evening alone.... hockey or masterbating?
-Both, However, not simultaneously. …. Most of the time.
13. Who do you rip off? (everyone does!)
-I would have to give mad props to Jef Whitehead, Daniel Higgs, Ed Hardy, Horiyoshi lll, and life.
14. Are you really a nerd? or a macho hunk?
I like to think of my self as an amazing contradiction of a poet, a highlander, and a mythical creature imaginer… slash bull-rider.
15. How much did you really enjoy tattooing inside my butt cheeks? (even though you decided it was unnecessary on the last sitting)
-More that you will ever know Daniel.. few things make me happier in life than hurting the ones I love. I watch you sleep sometimes. Its nice, And I should probably keep this to myself. However, I prefer the way your hair tastes when you haven’t taken a shower before bed.
(408) 292-7766

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Monday, August 24, 2009


so yeah . sorry for the late update.. it was a great trip . osaka. toyohashi. yokohama. tokyo. nagoya. sakai. and countless desert battles later.. i managed to find my way home. the trip was just what the dr. ordered, and the timing could not have been better. tho i cant say the same for the weather.. . great folks. great family. and great food.. tattooing was good and it was great to spend some time and chill with all those that i dont get to see often enough... highlights were chillin with horikoi and horiyasu. red and shinsan.. and hell we even made it to shige's place and back to chill out with horigyn and the doods from daze.. .. and thats not even mentioning my time in kansai or the engagement which i talked about in an earlier blog.. all and all . it was a long and hot month.. that was filled with fantastic times... . truly livin the fuckn dream.. thanks to everyone who made the trip so wonderful.. hope to see you all again soon ..... ill put up more flix too later.. but for now im fukn beat.. ima go get my hoff off..
party hard kids..
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pls enjoi.
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Sunday, August 16, 2009


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So Mutsuo was gracious enough to let Ichibe and I try our some hand poke stuff on some of the background on Nikos back... good times were had by all , except for maybe Niko. hahahaha. . and i was lucky enough that Yuka walked in just in time to take a quick I Phone video... so i hope you guys get a kick outta this shit..... werd up ..

Friday, May 22, 2009

Festival Summer Motherfuckers!

And so it is. Flash forward from finicky spring and let us all fade quietly into the sweltering bowels of summer. Im beginning to realizing ive been in one place far longer than any natural order ever intended. geographically and emotionally stagnant im hearing the call of the world.
It is once again time to pick up my slowly growing apathy and set forth in search of the wondrous secrets and adventure which life holds so dear.. Its time to go home. To the place i was force fed mule hair silence from the underbelly of the dark prince perspective. Reacquaint myself with myself,  get a bit of peace and quiet, and slowly remind myself how big the world really is. Long summer nights await. Filled with peach trees, wine, paper memories and jovial mischief.  I welcome the festivals of summer in all of their obscure and tantalizing glory. 
Hisashiburi my fair maiden land..Whats that? groundhogs you say? Nonsence!!. . My lust for the outside world grows thirsty as ever. Seeds, dirt, and water alike. Pack your bags babe. Its time to get truckn. Here are a few of next years ambitions. Comical as they may be..
and ill get back to you on this years. See you soon friends.
Its nice to be coming home finally. Its been far too long.
no homo. lol .

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

tester number 2 like poo

yeah . ok so .. let me introduce myself.. im an 8 armed man .
who cuts it up for a living.. my name is matt. and i have a belly button..  what?